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Our management services provide bands and artists with tailored organisation, management, and consultancy. We are committed and concise, and have extensive experience within the music industry.

Client Services
Each client is assigned an individual manager, depending on their needs and music style. The manager will then work with the client to achieve the best results possible. We understand that music often appears as a business, but at it's heart it is about passion and drive. We share this emotion, and our desire is to support clients so they have the freedom to create great music.

Current Clients
We currently provide management for Napolien, SpyGame, and AC Violator. We also have links to Dolph Hamster Music, a Kent based independent record label.

Management services can be arranged by agreement. If you are interested in joining our roster, please feel free to enquire with as much detail as you can about your band or artist.


AC Violator